New York Wildlife Rescue Center and Northeast Llama Rescue and Barnyard Sanctuary, Inc, would like to extend our heart-felt gratitude to the following kind supporters! Without your generosity, we couldn't serve the cause of animal rescue anywhere near as well as we do!

Our 2017 Donors


FRIENDS******2017 Donors (gifts under $100)

  1. John and Marion Boutet
  2. Susan Sterge
  3. Helen Leja Jewelry
  4. Betty Kipp
  5. IBM Employee Services
  7. Joan Puritz, DVM, Oneonta Vet Clinic
  8. Anonymous
  9. Iron Horse Tattoo
  10. Margaret (Peg) Buckley
  11. Laura Livingston
  12. John DeVre

BRONZE SPONSORS*****2017 Donors (Gifts $100 to $250)

  1. Joan Puritz, DVM, Oneonta Vet Clinic
  2. Susan Sterge
  3. Susan LeGere
  4. IBM Employee Services
  5. Mary Leming (In Honor of Betty Lowe; In Memory of Anna Dewdney, Llama, Llama Author)
  6. Betty Kipp
  7. Stephanie Parker
  8. Martha Frank

SILVER SPONSORS*****2016 Donors (Gifts $251 to $599)

  1. Dennis and Norma Coney
  2. IBM Employee Services
  3. Betty Kipp
  4. Cindy and Chris Carr

GOLD SPONSORS******2016 Donors (Gifts $600 to $999)

PLATINUM SPONSORS******2016 Donors (Gifts over $1000)


Past Donors: 2016